The Loudoun Crime Commission is a private, non-profit, charitable 501(c)3 organization established in 2005 as an opportunity for citizens, businesses, law enforcement, educators, students, elected officials, government representatives, and others, to collaborate and share their unique perspectives, experiences and insights promoting safe communities for our families throughout Loudoun County. 


The Commission embraces an anti-crime mission and has adopted the motto,

“Fighting crime is every citizen’s business.”


Welcome to the Loudoun Crime Commission BLOG.  Here we will post from time to time items of interest for our members and friends.  We hope you will enjoy these comments and encourage you to let us know your thoughts.  As always, we believe in free speach, however obscene language, personal attacks and hate speech will not be allowed in order to maintain a high level of discourse and decorum.  We appreciate your support!


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OPINION:  Loudoun Crime Commission – Supporting Law Enforcement and Peaceful Protest