The Loudoun Crime Commission consists of an all-volunteer, citizen Chairman and Board of Directors and a membership body.  


Our primary function is to bring together citizens, law enforcement, community leaders and others to better know each other, express interests, concerns and discuss solutions to understand and improve policing as it pertains to fighting crime in Loudoun County, VA.


Our main effort to achieve this is through our monthly speaker luncheons where we bring in high quality experts, authors and others with unique perspectives on anti-crime, terrorism, drugs, gangs and other law enforcement and crime related topics.  These events help to educate the public and law enforcement and frequently encourage thoughtful questions and expand connections within the community.


During several past crime tragedies, the LCC has raised funds to assist in rewards for information programs and victim recovery and assistance.

The Chairman and Directors are pleased you are here and interested in our community and our work, we invite you to join us for a luncheon or two and hope you will become a frequent guest or join and support us as a member.


The cost of membership is small, the feeling is great!  Remember, we believe that:  “Fighting crime is every citizen’s business!”


The Loudoun Crime Commission Board of Directors:



Frank Holtz - Chairman                            Brad Romanoff - Secretary

John Steigerwald - Treasurer                            Dan Wright - Director

Michael Orsinger - Director                         Con Sofologis - Director

Patrick Daley - Director                            Karen Showalter - Director

Jeffrey Phillips - Director                                                                       


Lloyd Reese - Director / Past Chairman

Rich Claar - Director / Past Chairman

Steven Collins - Past Chairman



C/o 891 A Harrison St SE Leesburg, Virginia  20176