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About The Loudoun Crime Commission

What is the Loudoun Crime Commission?

The Loudoun Crime Commission is a non-profit, charitable, membership organization, and is open to any concerned citizen, local business, educational institute, or government agency and is focused on crime prevention and reduction in our community.

We believe that "Fighting crime is every citizens business!" and have made this our motto.

What role does the Commission play in the community?

The Commission plays a special role within the Loudoun County community by supporting law enforcement and other organizations with anti-crime initiatives through its community based support. This support includes enhancing direct communications between citizens and law enforcement through social networking programs, luncheons, and other events with law enforcement, business, citizens, media and government agency involvement.

What bridge does the Commission make with Loudoun law enforcement?

The LCC provides direct and indirect support to police agencies that include material and financial assistance for education, training and equipment (on a case by case basis). By linking these disparate groups together with a single focus of fighting crime, we can make a positive difference in the communication level between these groups and in understanding how to work together better in Loudoun County.

Benefits of Membership in the Loudoun Crime Commission

  • Citizen and business awareness
  • Bridge between citizens, businesses and law enforcement
  • LCC Provides direct and indirct support to police agencies through citizen funded initiatives and membership
  • Monthly interactive luncheons
  • Make a positive difference in your community
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